Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time Out for a Baby Miracle

Well, I finally did it. I finally wrangled myself an assignment that would give me an excuse to go up to the O’Shaughnessy Family Birthing Center.

I really do love babies. Each is a tiny miracle, reminding me that life isn’t all about rushing around trying to accomplish as much as possible in a 24-hour period.

This was infinitely clearer to me while visiting new parents Jeff and Megan Rash and their new son Adian Gabriel Rash. Once I stepped into their room, time stopped for a bit. Each leisurely moment was spent admiring this new life, watching his tiny fingers curl around his mom’s, laughing when he yawned, and agreeing that, for sure, that was a smile we all just witnessed. Things will be a little more hectic for the family once they return home, but for a day or two, it was all about Adian.

My transparent excuse to visit the fourth floor of the hospital was to guide a Fauquier Times-Democrat reporter to the Birthing Center and listen while she interviewed a nurse about low weight births and the importance of folic acid in pre-natal care.

In an effort to spread the word about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and how it can be prevented, Fauquier Health System will give out specially printed baby onesies to new parents at the O’Shaughnessy Family Birthing Center. The baby T-shirts will have “This Side Up” on the chest to remind new parents to place an infant on his or her back to sleep.

On the backs of the onesies, recommendations to prevent SIDs will be printed.

The gift to parents of newborns is made possible through a grant secured by the Rappahannock-Rapidan Health District through the March of Dimes. The grant is called “Reaching Out for Healthy Babies” and will focus on preventing SIDS, preventing preterm labor and low-weight births, and increasing the amount of folic acid consumed by women of childbearing age.


The reporter, Alexandra Bogdanovic, had a good discussion with neonatal nurse practitioner Deborah Fischetti. A devoted baby nurse, Deborah really knows her subject. She said with a smile, “I just take care of the little ones. I don’t take care of the big ones. In fact, I may climb right over the big ones to take care of the little ones.”

We wanted to get a photo of a newborn in one of the new onesies, so we asked the Rashes if Adian wanted to model.
They graciously agreed (after checking with the prodigy, I can only assume).

Jeff was nice enough to put Adian’s photo shoot wardrobe on and I snapped a few pictures. Then Jeff cranked up his laptop on a side table and showed me some of the photos he had taken of his new son since making his appearance the day before. I immediately put away my suddenly inadequate camera and let dad do the shooting.

One of Jeff Rash’s photos appeared in the newspaper last Wednesday, accompanying Alex’s story.

All in all, I was pretty unnecessary in the process. Alex wrote a good story. Jeff took a great picture.

But at least I got to spend a few minutes soaking up the miracle.

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