Saturday, March 1, 2008

The View from Hospital Hill

After 25 years in community journalism, I am embarking on a new adventure -- I am lucky enough to be the new Public Relations Specialist for Fauquier Health System in Warrenton.

It’s not such a leap, really. I’ll be doing a lot of writing, a little page design, and continue learning about people who are doing interesting, important things. And, I’ll still get to be nosy and ask impertinent questions about what I’m curious about, which has always been the best part of being a reporter.

A hot topic these days, health care is prominent in the speeches of every presidential candidate, and on the lips of every newscaster. But it is also intensely personal. It’s the cry of your newborn baby, or the wail of the ambulance siren as it takes your spouse to the emergency room. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

Through this blog I’ll share with the larger community some of the “inside scoop” about the people behind the scenes at Fauquier Health System.

Since I’m new here, you’ll learn along with me as I discover what’s down the next corridor past the Medical Imaging Department, or around the bend beyond the gift shop. Along the way, we might find out together about the next new miracle of modern medicine, or a new dish they’re serving at The Bistro on the Hill.

Whatever the discovery, it’ll be an adventure.

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