Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter at Warrenton Overlook

On Friday, I experienced my first “photo shoot” since starting as PR Specialist with Fauquier Health System.

I had received a note from Chris Kelleher of the Medical Imaging Department the week before, telling me that her department had purchased 115 Easter baskets. Employees from the Medical Imaging Department and other areas of the hospital were going to fill and distribute them to residents and patients at Warrenton Overlook Health and Rehabilitation Center. Each resident would receive a basket with items specifically chosen for him or her. No assembly line operation, here.

I sent a note (actually, in the PR biz, we call it a press release) to the Fauquier Times-Democrat and Bill Walsh, the executive editor, said they’d be able to send a photographer to take a picture or two of the big event.

I was glad that our local paper sees the value of these kinds of community efforts. And, of course, we had a big draw. The Easter Bunny him- (or is it her-) self was going to be distributing the baskets.

Drew Smith, Times-Democrat photographer, came by to catch Juanita Russell receiving her basket from T-E-B. Mrs. Russell’s basket was purple-heavy, since that is her favorite color.

Drew and Mrs. Russell chatted about her thimble collection and Drew caught some photos of volunteer bunnies helping to give out baskets. Patty Koval, activities assistant at WOHRC, and Melanie Utz, Social Services coordinator, were busy right up until 1 p.m., checking on the baskets and icing cupcakes for the Easter celebration. Serena Suflita, receptionist, and others helped to make sure all the baskets were distributed to the right folks.

Star of the day, of course, was Maegan Perry, CT tech aide, who donned big ears and fluffy tail for the event.
It was the first time I’d been to Overlook myself. I was impressed with the kindness I saw in the employees. During my brief visit, I saw residents addressed by their names and spoken to gently. No one seemed to be in a hurry to end a conversation. No rush. No hurry. Plenty of time for all to get the attention they needed.

I took some pictures myself to put in the bi-weekly employee newsletter I am responsible for creating. One of them is sitting atop this blog.

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